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Monday, April 16, 2018

Top 5 Compact Utility Tractor Implements for Spring Yard Clean Up

The snow is melting, the days are warming up and it is almost time to get out into the yard to start Spring Clean-Up. There are lots of attachments available for your John Deere Compact Tractor to make yard work easy and enjoyable! Read on for our top 5 Spring Clean-Up Implements.

Frontier Landscape Rake
One of the handiest attachments is the Landscape Rake with a set of gauge wheels. It can be used for gathering tree limbs that have fallen over the Winter months, just adjust the gauge wheels to the correct height so the rake teeth just skim the grass, this will gather all limbs into one pile rather than picking up branch by branch. The Landscape Rake can also be used for raking unwanted rocks on the lawn back onto the driveway.

Frontier Rear Blade
The 3-pt hitch Rear Blade is very versatile, it can be used for multiple jobs around the yard including draining spring run-off, re-contouring your drive-way after the ground thaws, or spreading new dirt or gravel for landscaping projects.

Frontier Rotary Tiller
A new season means turning the soil over, and whether you are putting in a new garden or prepping the soil for another year of gardening a 3-pt hitch Rotary Tiller will get your seedbed broken into the perfect texture so it is ready for planting. They;re designed to help you break through even the toughest terrain. A Tiller is also a great tool for weed control around windbreaks and tree lines.

Frontier Aerator
Freshen up your lawn with a 3-pt hitch Aerator. As an Aerator moves over your lawn, the tubes will dig into the ground making holes in the ground. This allows air, water and nutrients to reach deep into the ground and promotes root growth.

Frontier Broadcast Spreader
Add a Spreader to your implement fleet, to spread fertilizer or a top coat of seed over your grass in the Spring. Combined with the Aerator your lawn will be the envy of all your neighbours. A Spreader is also useful during the thawing season to spread salt or sand over ice on the cool mornings.

These are Martin Deerline's top picks for Spring Clean-Up but there are over 600 Frontier Implements that will assist you with the tasks around your yard. View the full line of implements here.

Looking for tips, ideas and collective wisdom about how to get all kinds of jobs done around your place? Be sure to check out the JohnDeere Tips Notebook.

Want to know more about the Frontier Implements available? Contact your local Martin Deerline.

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