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Friday, March 1, 2019

Oil & Filter Sale On Now

March is here! Which means it is time to kick off our annual Oil & Filter Sale.

Save now on oil, filters, grease and coolants. And if you purchase 100 liters of oil this month you will lock in the 10% discount for the remainder of 2019!

John Deere has the oil you need for all applications and equipment/vehicle types. It is the only brand of oil you will need to stock in your shop! The Plus-50 II line-up of engine oils has been specially formulated to keep engines running smoothly and efficiently in field conditions since its beginning and now it can be used in vehicles on the road as well. In utility vehicles, tractors, pick-ups, lawn mowers - your whole fleet will be covered with the Plus-50 II oil product line. Talk to your local Parts Technician to find the right oil type and weight for your equipment and use.

For the transmissions stock up on Hy-Gard in regular or low-viscosity which is perfect for the cold winter we have been experiencing this year.

Regular maintenance and filter changes are important for the health of your equipment. This month get 12% off all filters including oil, fuel, and air. You can find a quick reference guide of the filters your John Deere equipment requires here or talk to your local Martin Deerline Parts Technician.

For the month of March you will also receive 10% off John Deere coolants and grease when purchased by the case. So don't wait until you need it, stock up now for the year!

Our annual Oil & Filter Sale runs until March 31st! Place your order with your local Martin Deerline.

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