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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

What was John Deere doing at the CES Show?

John Deere kicked off the year at a location where one would not expect to see an agriculture equipment dealer - the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

CES is a world renowned technology tradeshow where John Deere was able to highlight how they are not just a leader in the agricultural world but in the technology world as well! John Deere demonstrated through its equipment and displays the importance of tech in farming and showcased just how much smart technology is already part of our products and services.

On display, looking very out of place, was a S770 combine which includes artificial intelligence, cameras, sensors and self-driving technology. Technologies that contribute to the Combine AdvisorTM option on the latest S7 John Deere combines.

Visitors saw interactive displays demonstrating GPS technology with 2.5 cm accuracy, less than 2 inches compared to three meters for conventional GPS which shows how advanced John Deere's technology truly is.

Also on display was a Blue River See & Spray Unit which will one day allow farmers to more accurately apply herbicide and pesticides by identifying specific weeds or plants and spray only them.

All these technologies as well as a self-driving tractor demonstration told a story to the public that John Deere is a technology leader working hard to help agricultural producers sustainably grow consumers food to feed the growing population.

To learn more about the technologies used in or in conjunction with John Deere equipment stop by your local Martin Deerline.

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