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Monday, March 25, 2019

Farm Forward with John Deere

How are we going to feed a growing population?

John Deere is laying the groundwork for tomorrow's technology today. Farm Forward 2.0 is a vision of how technology could drive the increased productivity necessary to answer how we are going to feed the world.

Although the video is a vision for the future many of the concepts are rooted in technology that is already available today. Read on to learn how the future vision compares to what John Deere equipment already offers.

In the future, artificial intelligence will optimize machine performance through automation. The video shows an autonomous sprayer that uses computer visions to identify weeds and automatically spray only the weed.

Today, a combine equipped with CombineAdvisorTM collects information on grain losses, damage, settings and then analyzes the difference between actual and targeted machine performance. The combine will take the real-time data and automatically adjust the combine.

In the future, connectivity will enable farmers to manage their operation effectively anytime, anywhere. The video shows a farm family, located in the field, in the city and on the road, using remote management tools to remotely manage their farm.

Today, a connected farm uses JDLinkTM, Operations Center and MyOperations mobile app to remotely manage their farms. Customers can even use MyOperations to remotely view and adjust their combine settings.

In the future, technology will enable stronger connections and more robust machine analytics resulting in a new level of dealer support to prevent downtime or address concerns in real time. The video shows a dealer informing a customer that he has remotely inspected all combines and sent updates over the air to update the software overnight.

Today, dealers can remotely view diagnostic trouble codes on machines with JDLinkTM to diagnosis problems and analyze patterns to predict failures.

The Farm Forward 2.0 vision was designed to showcase different technology solutions. John Deere foresees a future where connectivity will enable a new frontier of remote machine service provided to you by us at Martin Deerline.

Are you ready to take your farm forward? Visit your local Martin Deerline Precision Ag Team to learn how you can put our current technologies to work for you.

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