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Thursday, April 11, 2019

5 Quick Tips To Get Your Yard Cleaned Up This Spring

Your yard is coming back alive as the weather warms up which means it is time to get outside and see the damage winter has done to your yard and do some spring clean-up.

Below are some quick tips to get the yard work out of the way giving you more time to enjoy the sunshine.

1. Rake the Yard
Excessive snow can cause ugly brown patches in your lawn, so to start with rake away the accumulated dead grasses known as thatch. If the thatch is quite thick you may want to consider using a Stihl power sweep. If you see green beginning to emerge after you have raked away the dead grass then your lawn should come back nicely as it continues to warm up. If there are brown patches with no green coming through you may want to consider putting down some topsoil and spreading some grass seed for new growth.

2. Trim the Grass
Depending how tall your dead grass is or how much growth you are starting to see it may be time to mow your grass. At least trim the taller dead grass around buildings or landscaping you may have not gotten to before the snow fell. Stihl offers some great trimmers to get this job done quickly.

3. Prune Back Hedges
If you have hedges on your property then spring is the time to clean them up and trim them back. The initial hedge trim will remove the old growth and take it back to the soft-tipped foliage. Vigorous growing hedges will need a few trims throughout the year which will also ensure you get a nice dense hedge. The size and type of hedges will dictate the type of hedge trimmers that are right for you, check out Stihl's collection of trimmers here. For more tips on hedge trimming read Stihl’s article on the correct way to trim hedges.

4. Tree Clearing, Trimming & Shaping
Trees add shape and height to your yard and can be a great source of shade, annually trimming and shaping will keep them healthy and maintain a size proportionate to your yard. Firstly, remove any dead branches with either a pole pruner or small chain saw depending on size. Under-pruning the tree is also important, remove any low branches that could be a safety concern and also to expose the trunk. The main canopy of the tree should be trimmed to maintain the size and shape you desire.

5. Use a Blower For Clean-Up
Doing the above yard work is bound to leave some lawn clippings, small twigs, leaves and other debris on your lawn. A Stihl handheld or backpack blower is a great tool for tidying up after the other tasks are complete.

Utilizing the right tools for the job can make spring clean-up much faster and even enjoyable so you can spend your time enjoying the warmer weather. Martin Deerline carries Stihl products and has hedge trimmers, chain saws, grass trimmers, pole pruners, and more hand tools to help you get your yard work done efficiently and effectively this spring. Clean-up is a breeze with Stihl!

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