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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

MowerPlus App – Tools at Your Fingertips

Do you want to have the best looking yard in the neighbourhood?

John Deere's Mower Plus app can help this become a reality for John Deere lawn mower owners.

The app allows you to track your lawn care throughout the mowing season, provides expert tips as well as maintenance and service tips for your equipment.

Lawn Care:
  • Track mowing metrics including average speed, total mowing time and area covered
  • View aerial images of mowing patterns
  • Track how long it has been since your last mow
  • Document other lawn care tasks including fertilizing, seeding and aerating
  • View your season history
  • Get expert tips to get the perfect lawn
Mower Maintenance:
  • Maintenance and service recommendations specific to your model of John Deere mower
  • Find mower parts such as Home Maintenance Kit product numbers and recommended attachments
  • Instructions for simple fixes
  • Reminders based on your mowing hours as to when to change the oil and filters and sharpen your blades

MowerPlus was designed to help homeowners ensure efficient and effective lawn care and mower maintenance. To get started simply download the free app at either the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

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