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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Shortline Supplier Spotlight Libra Cart

Want to track every bushel of grain you thresh this harvest season?

Libra Cart from Agrimatics is a grain cart weighing and data management system compatible with your tablet or smartphone device.

Simply, connect the Libra Cart device to your grain carts load cells and start recording the date, time, weight and GPS location of each grain cart unload.

Features of the App include:

  • Automatic Unload Detection - detects and records how much grain has been unloaded
  • Unlimited Remotes - pair multiple mobile devices to the Libra Cart to view live weights
  • Data Sharing - share harvest data through email and the secure Aero cloud, to access anywhere
  • Track Field, Truck, Destination and Commodity - create an unlimited number of fields, trucks and commodities
  • Configurable Units - choose to display the weights in pounds, kilograms or bushels
  • Manage Your Data - makes editing your data simple from any device

Libra Cart can revolutionize your harvest. It's easy to set-up and simple to use for operators of all ages and technological skill levels.

To learn more about the Libra Cart app and device contact your local Martin Deerline Ag Sales Representative or find out more here.

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