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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Tackle tough mowing jobs with a Rotary Cutter

Need to tackle a tough mowing job? Road edges, rough pastures or even the back pasture where the grass and weeds have gotten out of control are no match for a Rotary Cutter.

So what is the difference between a rotary cutter and a grooming mower? A rotary cutter is designed to handle rough material - from thick pasture grass to tree saplings with trunks up to 1” thick. The material that remains on the ground behind the rotary cutter remains thick because it was so rough to begin with. When you are looking or a smooth, fine cut - look towards a grooming mower. They are usually used on sports fields or any other lawn where you need a groomed, finished look. Simply put - a grooming mower won't get the job done in a pasture and a rotary cutter won't give your lawn the smooth, polished cut.

Frontier Rotary Cutters are Category 1 compatible, iMatch™ compatible or Category 2 Quick Coupler compatible and are designed to fit utility tractors with PTO ranging from 18 - 90 horsepower. They offer an adjustable cutting height from 1 ½ - 9 inches and are available with working widths from 4 - 7 feet. Based on the PTO horsepower of your tractor and the width between the outside edges of your rear tires will help to determine which rotary cutter is right for your application. Ideally, you'll want to choose a cutter that is at least as wide as the distance between the outside edges of your rear tires so your tractor isn't driving over the material that the cutter isn't reaching.

Always make sure that the cutting blades are sharp and balanced. If a blade becomes chipped or worn, they should be replaced.

Lastly - make sure you a familiar with the land that you are cutting. Mowing over a large rock or tree stump could damage the rotary cutter, tractor or you could injure yourself.

Contact your local Martin Deerline to learn more about adding a rotary cutter or any other Frontier implement to your Compact Utility Tractor to tackle any task around your property.

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