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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Harvest Safety Tips

Harvest season is here, and many will be putting in long days to get the crops off and grain in the bin. There will be lots of trucks, tractors, and combines on the road to watch out for. Farmers often have a sense of urgency this time of year combined with stress and fatigue which can increase the possibility of injury or accidents.

Read on for our Harvest Safety Tips to help ensure a successful harvest.

Maintain Equipment
When things break down unsafe shortcuts can often be taken. Inspect equipment prior to starting harvest for the year and make any necessary repairs. Be sure to do regular equipment walk-arounds, lubricate where necessary and check high wear parts to prevent costly downtime.

Turn Equipment Off
When fixing, unplugging, inspecting, calibrating or making adjustments to the equipment be sure to shut it off and give it a minute for all components to stop moving before doing any repairs or work on the unit.

Train All Operators
Train anyone who will be using equipment. Make sure workers know how to perform their job safely.

Know Where Children Are
Harvest season is often a family affair with all hands on deck including kids wanting to ride in equipment and be a part of the action. Create a safe, separate and supervised play area for children in the field or farmyard away from moving equipment and grain bins. When children are getting in and out of equipment make sure to idle equipment down and put it in park.

Rest & Breaks
To remain alert throughout the day take short breaks to refresh, move and stretch. Drink lots of water and eat nutritious meals and snacks to stay focused.

Travel Safely
Be aware when on the road - share the road with other equipment and watch for vehicles that are not use to passing large equipment. Dust is prominent during harvest, be sure to clean your headlights and taillights before taking equipment on the road and ensure flashers are used on slow moving equipment.

Personal Protective Equipment
Have ear plugs, safety glasses, gloves and dust masks on hand for when appropriate. Wear fitted clothing to prevent getting caught in the equipment.

Be Prepared
First aid kits and fire extinguishers should be available in all pieces of equipment. Inspect at the start of the season to ensure your safety equipment is in proper condition.

Sometimes the whole crew is in one field or yard but other times you are working alone. Touch base with your family or employees regularly especially if it is getting late into the day.

Grain Bin Safety
Practice safety when handling grain. If entry into the bin is absolutely necessary, make sure there is someone else around and use safe bin entry practices. Never let children play with or on the grain.

Power Lines
Be aware of power lines, especially on your own land and when transporting large equipment. The growing size of equipment can impact safe power line clearance, try to say 7 metres away. If contact is made call 911 or 310-WIRE

From all of us at Martin Deerline we wish you a safe and successful harvest.

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