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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Testimonial: The John Deere ProGator GPS PrecisionSprayer

Take golf course spraying to another level with the most accurate and proven GPS Sprayer you can use on your course.

What separates the ProGatorTM GPS PrecisionSprayer from the rest? John Deere has taken the best parts of GPS technology from other parts of the company and integrated it into the new GPS PrecisionSprayer - making it a truly integrated John Deere solution.

The Glendale Golf & Country Club has been using a John Deere GPS Sprayer since the beginning of the 2020 golf season, so we caught up with Course Superintendent Chris Prodahl to get his thoughts on the unit.

“What I'm seeing is our overall turf health has been taken to the next level because of it. No longer do you have the days of overlap or missed sprays - it's to the inch precision. When you get turf health to where you want it to be, playability follows.”

These sprayers feature proven technology such as AutoTracTM and individual nozzle control plus an easy-to-use display system - ultimately saving time and money with every pass.

“We see that because of the target applications that we're doing, our product waste is at a minimal. I would guess that by the end of the season we will see anywhere from a 15% - 20% reduction in product use.”

Ease of operation, increased accuracy and the confidence to better track and manage all of your spraying - a combination you can't get on any other GPS Sprayer.

Check out the video below to hear Chris' full thoughts on the GPS Sprayer:

"Overall we're very, very pleased with the unit itself. It is the future and we can't say enough good things about the John Deere GPS Sprayer.”

Contact the Martin Deerline Golf & Turf team in Edmonton or Calgary to learn more about the ProGator™ GPS PrecisionSprayers or check out the video below:

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