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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

How to Install a 44" Snow Blower on your Select Series Lawn Tractor

Snow is on the way so it's officially time to start switching gears to think about winter. Make the most of your mower even in the winter season by adding a snow blower to your lawn tractor.

See below for steps on how to install a 44” snow blower attachment to your X300 or X500 Select Series Lawn Tractor. Remember - before installing any attachments be sure to recognize safety information, understand safety signals, and be familiar with your installation instructions.

Step 1: Park the tractor safely on flat ground. Ensure the engine is off, the parking brake is set, the mower deck is removed, and the key is removed. Note that rear ballast and tire chains are required when using a snow blower. For X300 models - you will need 2 suitcase weights and for X500 models you will require 4 suitcase weights. A weight bracket is required for Four Wheel Steer models

Step 2: Install the rear lift bracket. Line up the bracket with the holes in the lift arm. Insert pins into lift arms and lift bracket and secure with cotter pins. Repeat on the opposite side. You will need to install and adjust the lift assist spring as per the Operator Manual instructions.

Step 3: Install the rear lift links to the front hitch bracket. Put the flat end of one lift link on the inside of the front hitch. With the lift link installed on the front hitch, install the cotter pin into the hole of the welded stud. Repeat on the opposite side.

Step 4: Align hole in hitch with the hole in the front draft assembly and install. Secure with spring pin.

Step 5: Install the lift links to the rear lift bracket. Pivot the front hitch until the swivel bushing lines up with the hole in the lift bracket. Insert the swivel bushing and secure with a spring pin. Repeat on the opposite side.

Step 6: Now we can attach the snow blower to the hitch. First, check your snow blower belt to make sure it's not worn and make sure it is routed properly. Place the snow blower head on the hitch so that the support pins are in the cradles. Raise the lift system to engage the pins into the snow blower housing. Pull the L pins on each side and then lower the snow blower. You may have to lift the snow blower slightly to lock the pins.

Step 7: Next, install the snow blower belt to the tractor drive sheave. Raise the snow blower and use blocks to support the unit. Minimize the belt tension by pushing or pulling the tensioning arm. Once there is enough slack on the belt, rout it around the tractors drive sheave.

Step 8: With unit fully raised, measure the height of the scraper blade to the ground and adjust lift links accordingly to ensure scraper blade is roughly 5” off the ground. Adjust the skid shoes to ensure they are slightly lower than scraper blade if necessary.

Step 9: Next install the discharge chute bracket. Align the hole in the bottom of the chute bracket with the screw on the outside of the rotation handle. Insert the carriage bolt through the square hole from the inside of the rotation handle and through the hole on the chute bracket. Secure with a washer, lock washer and knob.

Step 10: Remove blocks and lower snow blower to the ground.

The last thing you'll need to do is take out your snow blower and take on the snow!

The video below shows all the steps necessary to successfully install your snow blower on your Select Series Tractor. Don't feel like tackling the DIY project? Book your Mobile Maintenance* appointment now and we'll come to your door!

*Mobile Maintenance is available at West Edmonton and South Edmonton locations.

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