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Monday, February 1, 2021

Upgrade to the ProSeries Openers & Save!

Improve seed to soil contact, depth consistency, germination and uniform emergence by upgrading your 60 or 90 series air seeder to the ProSeriesTM Openers.

Watch the below video to see how the ProSeries openers offer agronomic advantages and extended wear life compared to the previous models.

Now is a great time to upgrade with a couple of moths to install before seeding! And you can currently receive 12% off each ProSeries Retro-fit Kit.

Each upgrade kit includes:

  • Seed Boot - A narrower, tighter fit to the disk results in less soil disturbance and more accurate seed placement.
  • Press Wheel - Re-designed with a narrower profile and more flexibility to adjust to the trench improving overall seed to soil contact.
  • Serrated Closing Wheel - An improved closing system for seeding in tougher conditions. The notches on the wheel break up wet or dry compacted soil.
  • Seed Tab - Re-designed shape that profiles the trench and provides more flexibility for less seed bounce and more consist placement. Improved material and angled shape give it double the service life.
  • Closing Spring - Greater flexibility allowing for easier adjustments when needed.

Go from good to great with the ProSeries Opener Upgrade Kit. Contact your local Martin Deerline Parts Technician today to order your kits and receive 12% off the cost of the parts.

Offer ends March 31, 2021.

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