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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

MyJohnDeere Account Updates Required

Spring is right around the corner and Martin Deerline is working hard to be ready to support you and your operation. Part of this support is ensuring that the technology you have invested in is ready to go, driving efficiency and productivity throughout the 2021 season.

Your MyJohnDeere account is the key to our connection with your operation and how we can better support you. Without this partnership we are hindered in our ability to ensure that you and your equipment are working when you need to be.

Machine health monitoring, with tools such as Expert Alerts and Remote Diagnostics allow us to remotely understand the issue as if we were RIGHT IN THE CAB WITH YOU. Fixing the problem right from the dealership so you can get back up and running immediately, understanding what is required to resolve the issue before heading to the machine, even preventing issues before they happen, these are just some of the benefits the connected machine and your partnership with Martin Deerline can provide.

If you have a MyJohnDeere account, please read on to learn about the updates required to keep you connected this upcoming season.

Late last year, to align Martin Deerline's business for the future, we made a legal name change from MMD Sales Ltd. to Martin Deerline Ltd. Because of this change we need to update the partnership between your organization and Martin Deerline Ltd.

We ask you to complete this one step before Spring 2021. By completing this partnership update we can continue to provide you and your operation industry leading connected support.

To complete this partnership update please log into your MyJohnDeere account. Once in your account please open the Operations Center tool on the left hand side of the screen under your My Applications. Once in Operations Center, the message shown below will appear, please follow the steps to review your previous partnership access levels. Once reviewed your access levels and partnership is now updated with Martin Deerline.

Alternatively, you can watch the video below as Chris Huolt, Integrated Solutions Manager walks you through step by step how to update the partnership.

If you have any question's please call your salesman and we will get you on the right path for 2021. If you do not know your MyJohnDeere account login information, please email precision@martindeerline.com and we can assist.

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