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Friday, April 9, 2021

Create An Optimal Seedbed with John Deere Tillage Tools

As Spring arrives and you hit the field you want to create the best environment for seeds to germinate and thrive. Preparing a level field surface and seedbed is the first step towards a successful harvest and Martin Deerline has the tools to help you do that.

From the first commercially successful self-scouring plow John Deere created 180 years ago, out of a broken saw blade, to today, John Deere has continued to lead the innovation of tillage tools. John Deere has the broadest portfolio of tillage tools to meet customers needs including:

Field Cultivators:
The sweeps slice, mix and condition the soil to produce an even, uniform field finish below the surface, creating the perfect environment for your new seeds to take root and thrive. Designed for maximum residue flow, soil mixing and weed control across the full width of the implement.

Perfect solution for seedbed preparation and managing spring residue before planting or seeding. Take hard packed fields and turn them into well-worked acres. Don't let last years leftovers get in the way of this years seed, a John Deere disk will manage weeds and bury residue in a variety of soils.

It's where John Deere's history started and today our plows are big on strength, clearance and performance. Turn and break-up soil, bury crop residues and control weeds with rigid or flex model options. It's an economical choice for maximum soil inversion.

Variable-Intensity Tillage:
Works in four stages to manage residue and create the ideal seedbed. It starts by penetrating hard conditions to fracture soil and break up clods, it then cuts and sizes residue no matter the soil type or field conditions. It continues to mix soil and residue, removing soil from root balls and leaves a level field finish.

Chisel Plows:
The Chisel Plow excels in tough ground with heavy residue. Multiple sweep and point options maximize soil moving capabilities and eliminates compaction under varying weather and soil conditions.

Mulch Finishers:
Combines four tillage operations into one to save time and fuel. Aggressively slice and mix residue, root out weeds and condition the soil to produce an even, uniform field finish below the surface. The Mulch Finisher creates the perfect environment for excellent seed germination and early root development.

Vertical Tillage:
A versatile tool that can be used for primary or secondary tillage. This implement was created to have aggressive sizing and chopping ability in tough residue and to mix soil to build an ideal seedbed. It works at high speeds while chopping and sizing residue to encourage flow.

Size and manage residue, penetrate and shatter the compaction layer, bury and mix stubble and roots, help level the soil profile - all in one pass! The rippers break up soil up to 16 inches deep, sizing residue well to flow through your secondary tillage tools or you can use it as an effective one-pass tillage tool right after harvest.

To learn more about John Deere's diverse field preparation portfolio talk to your local Ag Sales Representative or compare the products now in our virtual showroom.

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