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Thursday, June 17, 2021

SeedMaster's UltraProII On Frame Tank

The UltraProII sets itself apart, not only with its unique look, but in its accuracy, gentle seed handling and uniformity across the width of the drill.

The individual row metering of the UltraProII On-Frame Tank in combination with SeedMaster's innovative opener system and toolbar give farmers the opportunity to get the most out of their farming operations and increase their overall profitability.

Let's take a closer look at some of its features.

Accurate Metering
Individual row metering has proven to decrease input costs compared to other systems on the market.

Individual Distribution Lines
No distribution towers are required, as the high-capacity individual distribution lines meters product with uniformity to all parts of the drill.

High Efficiency Fans
High efficiency fans gently move high volumes of any seed, inoculant, or fertilizer directly to the opener for gentle and efficient distribution.

Tank Configurations
The two-tank option meters into one air-stream eliminating the need for a dual shoot seed boot.

Roller Options
Two interchangeable rollers: one for canola, inoculant, or small seeds and one for general purpose for pulse, cereal and fertilizer.

Tank Sizes
Various tank configurations available in single-tank, 2-tank or 3-tank options.

Available from 40 to 80 foot wide toolbars with SeedMasters revolutionary opener.

Variable Rate Ready
Variable rate application is available for multiple products.

Overlap Control
Prevent the over-application of seed and fertilizer with Auto Zone Command

Learn more about the cost-saving UltraProII On-Frame Tank metering system from your local Martin Deerline Ag Sales Representative.

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