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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Top Implements for Your Compact Utility Tractor

Congrats! You've just purchased your first tractor. Now the question is, what attachments are going to suit your needs the most? We think we can help!

We have compiled a list of our top favorite implements that we find to be the most frequently used that will make your important tasks around the yard not only easier, but more efficient. Although your specific jobs will be dependent on your personal property, these implements have shown to be the most common among many acreage and large property owners.

Tractor Loader

A loader would likely be considered the most popular implement that is purchased with a tractor. Without a loader, you aren't using your tractor to its fullest potential. You can get many jobs done with a loader including using pallet forks, a front blade for snow removal, and a material bucket or grapple for moving dirt, rocks, wood chips, you name it!

How to Properly Fill Your Loader Bucket


A tractor-mounted snowblower in the winter months is extremely efficient in removing the snow from your long driveway as quick as possible, and we know you don't want to be out there too long! It also helps keep the area from narrowing in and snow piling up by throwing the snow exactly where you want it. Pair the snowblower with a spreader on your 3 point hitch to keep your area salted!

How to Use a Rear Mounted Snowblower

Rotary Cutter or Grooming Mower

What type of grass are you going to be mowing? Are you in a pasture or are you wanting to maintain a nice manicured lawn? This will be what determines what type of mower you will require. A rough cut mower is exactly what it sounds like, to cut grass in rough areas such as a back lot or unmaintained field. A grooming mower is meant for lawn that you want to keep looking nice, such as your front lawn! In some cases, you may need both of these attachments as they aren't interchangeable and have different uses.

How to Use a Grooming Mower

Box Blade

If you have a gravel driveway, that means you will more than likely need to maintain it on a regular basis. A box blade will fill in those holes and bumps in no time and level out your ground. There are many uses for a box blade including grading, spreading dirt, terracing land, building paths, and leveling. As an extremely versatile piece of equipment, you might find the box blade to be one of your favorites!

Repair a Gravel Drive Using a Box Blade

Rotary Tiller

For the gardeners and hobby farmers out there, the rotary tiller may be high on your list for attachments. This can be a daunting task to do with a walk-behind piece of equipment. Having a tractor-mounted tiller will ensure your soil is ready for planting in the spring, or fall cleanup!

The Difference Between Forward & Reverse Tine Rotary Tillers

There are hundreds of different implements that John Deere and Frontier offer to help make your work easier, so you can spend more time enjoying your property than working on it. For more information on which attachments would best suit you, contact your closest Martin Deerline location!

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