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Monday, March 7, 2022

The New John Deere 6R Tractor

Last fall John Deere updated the 6R Series model tractors. Not only is there two new horsepower (HP) model options to choose from, they are now among the smartest tractors available.

Read on to learn about the standard and optional features available in the 6R Series.

Power & Performance
Two added horsepower options of 140 hp or 165 hp give customers more choice in the small to mid frame class of the 6R series. The tractors offer power boost capabilities with Intelligent Power Management, delivering an extra 10% power boost when you need more power in tough conditions, such as heavy transport, PTO and hydraulic applications.

Loader Technology
New loader technologies make handling materials easier than ever before.

Dynamic weighing eliminates the guesswork as you can weigh loads as you go. It's perfect for the livestock operator allowing you to weigh each bucket of feed or round bale easily and quickly.
Return to position gives you the ability to have pre-set boom and bucket positions, quickly returning to the defined position with one click of a button.
Level to horizon makes moving materials faster as the loader will intuitively adjust, compensating for changes in terrain as you drive.

And the optional camera lets you easily connect any loader attachments providing a view of the carrier and surrounding area. It can also be adjusted to show the content inside the bucket or other views of your attachment.

Comfortable Convenient Cab
The programmable CommandPro joystick allows customization of set speeds, hydraulic, and PTO engagement functions for efficient operation. Plus the reconfigurable loader control handle with integrated reverser, lets operators set preferences and easily manage the direction at the touch of a button. The dashboard behind the steering column has also been moved to the cornerpost display offering even more forward visibility when working around the yard.

Connected Technology
The 6R tractors come standard with a 4G JDLink connection, and once activated in the John Deere Operations Center, can stream machine and field data to your Operations Center account. A JDLink connected tractor also lets Martin Deerline support you remotely through Connected Support.

Whether you're a livestock producer, small grain farmer, mixed operation or contractor the newly updated line of John Deere 6R tractors has a model to match your needs. Stop by your local Martin Deerline or contact your local Ag Sales Representative to learn more.

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