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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Staff Spotlight Alisha, West Edmonton Parts and Accessories Sales Representative

A love for John Deere is often inherited, passed along from generation to generation. This passion results in a demand for John Deere merchandise which is why Martin Deerline created the Deere Zone – it’s a store within our West Edmonton showroom dedicated to John Deere toys, clothing, home décor and so much more!

For the past two years Alisha has called Deere Zone her home away from home. As the primary Parts & Accessories Sales Representative at our West Edmonton dealership her role is to order, receive, merchandise and sell the John Deere branded products.

Alisha is also responsible for managing Martin Deerline’s online store, which involves uploading the product, assisting with marketing and then fulfilling the orders when placed. The holiday season through November and December is always the busiest time, breaking sales records each year since it was launched as we ship John Deere merchandise across Canada.

Customer service is a key to Alisha’s success, while no two days are ever the same, one constant in her days is fielding customer inquiries about products whether they are shopping in-store or online. Over her time at Martin Deerline and conversations with customers she has learned what products sell better than others and applies this knowledge when placing future orders, as she noted “the bigger the tractor on the t-shirt, the happier the kids are!”

Alisha also enjoys helping with the events we host at Martin Deerline, such as Day of Play and Green Christmas. Two of the busiest days she will have in the Deere Zone! “Seeing the children’s smile and joy in their face when they see all the toys and clothing is very exciting, there is a different vibe on event days and you really see the customer’s appreciation.”

We also greatly appreciate the energy Alisha brings to work every day with her positive attitude and smile on her face, you can always count on her to lift your spirits or lend a helping hand.

Outside of work Alisha spends her time at the gym or in a hot yoga class, and plans to start riding horses again! All things she can do sporting some John Deere apparel!

Thank you, Alisha, for all your hard work and dedication to the Martin Deerline team.

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