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Monday, August 22, 2022

Harvest Safety

As harvest is starting in many parts of Alberta, we at Martin Deerline would like to remind every one of the safety hazards that are always around us. Whether we are commuting, operating machinery, or bringing supper to the field it is very important that we all come home safe and sound.

Read on to learn what to be aware of this harvest season.

Machinery Traveling on Roads

Throughout harvest, large farm equipment will be traveling on rural roads and highways. We encourage everyone to slow down, be alert and patient when the large equipment is on the roadways. Leave room when traveling behind combines, swathers, tractors, and other farm equipment to ensure the operator can see you.

Fire Prevention and Safety

Fires in the field are more common than we realize. It can happen all too sudden when working with dry land, chaff from crops and belts and bearings that can cause fires. There are some simple precautionary measures you can take to help avoid the risk of injury or loss of equipment and crops due to fire.

  • Have charged fire extinguishers mounted in the cab of all equipment and service vehicles and one that is accessible from the ground. Alberta Agriculture recommends a 10-pound dry chemical, multi-purpose ABC extinguisher and a 2.5-gallon pressurized water extinguisher on combines.
  • Regularly blow off the chaff buildup or crop debris that collects on and in your combine.
  • Ensure bearings and drives are lubricated and belt tension is set appropriately.
  • Allow engines to cool before refueling.
  • Be careful when driving vehicles in fields, as exhaust pipes and catalytic converters can ignite dry grass or stubble. Make sure you park at the edge of the field or in a place that won’t ignite.
  • Ensure all employees and operators working in the field are trained on how to respond in case of an emergency.
Machinery and Powerlines

Safety around powerlines is crucial when working in the field or transporting equipment down roads. Always make sure that you:

  • Look up and are aware of the powerlines around you.
  • Look around for utility poles or other structures when harvesting the land.
  • Always maintain a 7-meter distance from powerlines when operating any machinery.
  • Do not move, take down or raise a powerline to gain clearance.
  • STAY INSIDE your machinery if you come into contact with a powerline or power box, unless there is a fire, and immediately call 911 and your power company.

Plan for a safe harvest and be mindful of the safety hazards throughout the year. We wish you all a safe and successful harvest season.

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