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Friday, July 29, 2022

Monitor Your Entire Fleet in Operations Center

Planting, spraying and harvesting will never be the same with a fully tracked fleet!

Razor Tracking devices can be added to all equipment and vehicles your operation owns and connected to John Deere Operations Center for real-time monitoring in the palm of your hand.

Install a Razor Tracking device on your grain trucks, service trucks and more to monitor and coordinate all units within John Deere Operations Center. Features of the integration include the ability to have:

  • Near real-time tracking
  • View speed fuel level, current hours and mileage
  • Track location history
  • Vehicle on/off
  • and more!

Install one of the following devices:

Premier - $390

Capable of active tracking, reporting engine data, e-Log tracking via bluetooth.

Pro - $390

Used for anything with an engine you want to track, such as tractors, trucks, utility vehicles or other OTR vehicles. It provides accurate real-time information every 15 - 25 seconds.

Solar Hybrid - $350

Used for trailers, pull behinds, NH3 bars. Can be set to ping every 20-30 seconds or just 2 times a day. The hybrid tracker has a rechargable battery, power harness an internal antenna.

Daily Asset - $195

Recommended application for trailers, tanks, anhydrous, NH3 bars, borrowed equipment, limited movement equipment, high-value equipment, and tools. Pings twice a day and has a battery that lasts 3-5 years.

Start riding shotgun in everyone of your vehicles - contact us today to get a Razor Tracking device installed.

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