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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Staff Spotlight Clayton, Acheson Service Technician

It’s no secret if you know Clayton, one of our Service Technicians at our Acheson Set-Up Center, that green and yellow runs deep within his veins as a generational passion. “Back when my family had the farm, my dad and grandpa had a few John Deere tractors, so whenever they had to go to Martin Farm Equipment for parts, I would tag along and always seemed to walk out of there with some sort of Deere toy. So, since I was born, I’ve been a green and yellow guy and I’m raising my son to be the same way,” he said proudly. It is only natural that since his family sold the farm, and Clayton’s father has worked at Martin Deerline and Martin Motor Sports himself, that applying for a job to work here just seemed natural.

Clayton’s 10 years and counting career at Martin Deerline and Martin Motor Sports is a diverse one as he has worked for both divisions of the business. For eight years Clayton spent his time on the recreational side of the company at Martin Motor Sports starting out as a boat detailer for a short amount of time, until he quickly moved into the powersports department as the “everything guy.” Whether it was delivering a customer his new Can-Am quad, trucking in snowmobiles that had just landed, installing parts on new side-by-sides, setting up trade shows, or selling equipment - you name it, and Clayton did it! It didn’t take long to realize that Clayton was a hard-working, determined individual with an extremely helpful, positive attitude.

When the opportunity arose for Clayton to change positions to a full-time technician at our Set-Up Center, it seemed to be the perfect timing and the team at Martin Motor Sports was excited to see him move forward in the company with his passion for John Deere. “My end goal was to work on the John Deere side eventually, and now I get to set-up the agriculture equipment and not just look at it from afar and wish I could be back farming! It just seems like the perfect fit here. My first complete combine set-up… just being given that responsibility on such a big piece of equipment was a pretty cool feeling.”

As far as leaving friendships behind at his old position and moving to a whole new building, Clayton was never worried about it. “I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone, and I feel that has been a big factor in my growth out here in Acheson.” He mentioned his friends from the Motor Sports side was a main reason he stayed there for so long, but it was an easy transition to his new role because he still gets to see everyone from all departments, as our Set-Up Center is the hub of all equipment being transported out to our dealerships.

Clayton is a great example of a devoted, involved employee and one that loves to be a part of the team, whether it be helping out with customer functions, team-building events, and trade shows across Alberta. He says his favorite event has been the Martin Motor Sports Sales Team Staff Ride in Valemount, BC. “That’s some terrain I’ve never seen before!”

When Clayton is not working or enjoying the great outdoors, you can find him at home playing with his 1-year-old son and planning a wedding for August with his Fiancé Kayla, or maybe even at Disneyland considering he's been there a whopping total of eighteen times!

There is nothing more rewarding than to see an employee work their way up the ladder and reach their career goals, and that is exactly what Martin Deerline and Martin Motor Sports has seen in Clayton through a positive attitude and dedication. Next time you purchase a new piece of equipment from Martin Deerline, you can remember Clayton’s story and the amount of pride that our employees have that goes into each indivudual piece of equipment sold here.

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