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Friday, June 16, 2023

Our Top Pick STIHL Tools For Your Yard

Spring is in full swing, and summer’s just around the corner and with that everyone is working hard to get their yard in tip top shape. STIHL hand tools can help make that happen.

Designed for those that do not want to annoy their neighbors, STIHL offers high performance battery powered tools. Mobile, quiet, powerful, and just right for use in noise-sensitive areas such as schools, community gardens and hospitals. These five battery powered hand tools can help make your yard the best on the block.

Battery Lawn Mowers

Battery Lawn Mowers - Insert battery, squeeze the trigger, and go!
It's time to tackle the turf with uncompromising mowing power and innovation from STIHL. With a variety of options available to suit your needs. These mowers give homeowners the performance of a gasoline-powered mower without any of the inconvenience. Side discharge, rear bag, extra battery storage, and cut height adjustment will make trimming your lawn simple, and easy.

Battery Hedge Trimmer

Battery Hedge Trimmer - For excellent results.
These powerful cordless hedge trimmers are made for professional results on all types of hedges. These impressive machines operate with a high stroke rate and are fitted with special cutters with a long tooth height for tackling branches up to 22 mm in diameter. With variable speed control, intuitive control handle, and LED display you will be able to easily keep your trees and bushes tidy making yearly yard maintenance easier.

Battery Chain Saws

Battery Chain Saws - Outstanding cordless cutting power.
STIHL offers a variety of Battery Chain Saws to suit each individual homeowner such as GTA 26 which is perfect for pruning shrubs and trees and reducing plant cuttings to small pieces. These versatile Battery Powered Chain Saws will help you get your jobs done no matter what they may be. From a weekend at the lake around the fire, to all your at home yard needs.

Battery Blowers

Battery Blowers - High-performing innovative battery blowers.
Made for full mobility, without exhaust emissions and cables. These battery powered blowers allow you to easily clean up your leaves in the fall and clear grass off the sidewalks in the Summer. Having the STIHL blower in your garage makes hard work easy. No more rakes or brooms, just one convenient, quiet, tool.

Battery Trimmers

Battery Trimmers - Mobile, quiet, and powerful.
These extremely comfortable cordless trimmers are ideal for trimming work at home and at the lake. With a charge level indicator, and a tool-less adjustable shaft these trimmers allow for easy and efficient work. Keeping your yard looking freshly kept and tidy.

STIHL lithium-ion battery powered cordless tools will help you easily tackle everything in your yard this year! Martin Deerline carries a wide variety of STIHL products that will help make your chores a breeze no matter what the season, including. Chain Saws, Trimmers, Handheld Blowers, Hedge trimmers, Lawn Mowers and much more. Stop by one of our ten dealership locations or visit us online at martindeerline.com to view the full line-up of STIHL products.

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