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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Smarter Than Ever The New S700 Series Combines

The New 2018 John Deere Combine is Your Complete Harvesting Solution.

The New 2018 John Deere Combine is Your Complete Harvesting Solution.

  • Set & Forget Your Yield Calibrations with the ActiveYield System.
  • Optimize & Automatically Maintain Machine Performance with the CombineAdvisor package.
  • Experience a New Way of Doing Business with the All-New S700 Cab Experience

Active Yield System

Automatic yield calibration for canola, wheat, and barley. Active Yield senses the weight of the grain in the grain tank as it fills. The combine uses the weight information to calibrate the yield system continually throughout harvest. This gives you optimized system accuracy and reliable yield data collected all day, every day, with no effort or time away from harvest. Every field, every variety, Active Yield will be there delivering quality yield data.

Combine Advisor Package

The Combine Advisor suite of technologies is designed to maximize harvesting profits. The features help set and optimize the S700 combine and then automates the combine to maintain performance targets as conditions change. The Combine Advisor package includes three automation technologies: HarvestSmart™ for automation of feed rate, Active Terrain Adjustment™ for terrain change management and Auto Maintain with ActiveVision™ cameras for crop condition change management. Once the Combine Advisor package is set into motion, the operator will experience ease-of-use benefits with increased productivity.

Click Here to Learn More About Combine Advisor

Gen4 CommandCenter 4600 Display

The Gen 4 CommandCenter 4600 display has been developed in combination with the new CommandARM™ console and the multifunction control lever to deliver outstanding ergonomics paired with best-in-class natural navigation.

The display allows for quick, convenient access to the most important harvest and diagnostic information custom configured on nine hot keys. Easy, logical and intuitive touch operation based on your operation preferences.

700D Rigid Draper

Increase performance with the 700D Rigid Draper, providing up to 20% increase in capacity in tough conditions as it has twice the motor torque on the new 18" top crop auger, and a 37.5% increase in slip clutch torque. This ensures the center section will feed more efficiently to provide a smoother crop flow and fewer slugs. A new Center Section Seal Kit results in a reduction of center section losses of up to 45%.

Contact your local Ag Sales Rep today to learn more and schedule a demo to witness the machine in action.

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