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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Oil & Filter Sale On Now

Get ready for the arrival of Spring and the busy few months ahead by stocking up on oil, filters, grease and coolant so your equipment is ready for the busy season.

Our annual Oil & Filter sale is on now! Save 10% on oil and if you purchase 100 liters this month you will lock in the 10% discount for the remainder of 2018.

Why use John Deere oil?

Over the last 28 years, John Deere engine oils have gotten better and better. Today, cutting-edge chemistry and countless reformulations have resulted in the most advanced oils we've ever produced. It isn't just about improving our products. It's about the right oil for the job.

John Deere engineers have been constantly improving our engine oil to be without question the best engine oil you can put in your John Deere equipment. And Plus-50 II takes engine oil to the next level. It lasts up to 500 hours in your John Deere equipment, providing superior protection in high-heat engines.

And don't forget about stocking up on hydraulic oil. Your machine depends on hydraulic oil to do so much - and if your oil can't protect your entire system just right, you may find yourself with a down machine.

That's why you need John Deere Hy-Gard transmission and hydraulic oil. It's developed and tested by John Deere engineers who make sure it's the best option for your equipment. And it's been proven time and time again. Don't risk it with lesser hydraulic fluids. Make sure you have the best.

We also have a wide array of filters for John Deere and Non-John Deere brands of equipment. Visit your local Martin Deerline to get all the oil and filters you need for the equipment and vehicles on your farm or acreage.

Visit your local Martin Deerline to learn more about John Deere oil and filters. Or place your order now.

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