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Precision Ag Basics



Whether you call it precision agriculture, precision farming, or smart farming John Deere offers the advanced technologies and data analysis to optimize your agriculture practices and improve overall efficiency.

More and more farmers are using precision ag to increase productivity, maximize resource allocation, save money, improve environmental sustainability, remotely monitor equipment and overall make more informed decisions.

Here are the basics to get you started:


In-cab, touchscreen displays to easily manage guidance lines, application rates, input placement, and more.

StarfireTM Receiver

Integrated or remote Starfire receivers offer precise positioning and guidance, with exceptional pass-to-pass accuracy.

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JDLinkTM Connection

Turn on your free JDLink connection to connect your entire operation. With it, your machine and field data streams automatically to your Operations Center account.

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John Deere Operations Center

Your secure online farm management system that enables you to monitor, organize, analyze, and share you farm data - anytime or anywhere

Or contact us to speak with an Integrated Solutions Specialist to get started today.

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