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Which Snow Removal Attachment is Right For you?

February 15, 2022   |   Tips & Tricks   |   Martin Deerline

Snow is in the forecast and a particularly common question our clients ask us is “what att... Read More

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Top Implements for Your Compact Utility Tractor

September 28, 2021   |   Tips & Tricks   |   Martin Deerline

Congrats! You've just purchased your first tractor. Now the question is, what attachments ar... Read More

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How To Repair Your Gravel Drive With A Box Blade

June 23, 2021   |   Tips & Tricks   |   Martin Deerline

Your gravel driveway started off level, smooth and free of potholes, but over time gravel wi... Read More

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How to Use a Planetary Drive Auger

May 27, 2021   |   Tips & Tricks   |   Martin Deerline

A planetary drive auger is the perfect tool to dig holes in various types of... Read More

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Grass trimmer, brushcutter or clearing saw which is right for you?

May 20, 2021   |   Tips & Tricks   |   Martin Deerline

The most important first step in tackling any task around your home or garden is determining... Read More

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Lawn Tractor or Zero Turn Mower?

May 6, 2021   |   Tips & Tricks   |   Martin Deerline

There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing a mower that is best suited for your ... Read More

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Fall Lawn Care

September 30, 2020   |   Tips & Tricks   |   Martin Deerline

As much as we're not ready to accept it, winter is the horizon. One way to e... Read More

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6 tips to ensure a safe and productive work day

June 19, 2020   |   Tips & Tricks   |   Martin Deerline

No matter what your job, it is important to reduce your risks of injury and illness at work.... Read More

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Spring Lawn Care Tips

April 17, 2020   |   Tips & Tricks   |   Martin Deerline

After a long Canadian winter, the first thing you want to do is clean up your lawn. After th... Read More

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Get Ready for Spring with Stihl

April 14, 2020   |   Tips & Tricks   |   Martin Deerline

Spring? Is that you? After a long winter, we're all itching to get our tools out of the shed... Read More

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