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Friday, April 27, 2018

Taking a Closer Look at the Features of John Deere ExactApply

Some of you may be asking, what exactly is John Deere ExactApplyTM?

ExactApply is an individual nozzle control system available on John Deere Sprayers that provides the ability to maintain a consistent droplet size and pattern as you change speeds and adjusts to reduce overlap, skips and drifts as you cover an entire field.

Read on to take a closer look at the features of John Deere ExactApply and view the video clips to see it in action.

Individual nozzle control allows you to vary rates across the entire boom which will greatly reduce overlaps and skips. Control the output of each nozzle right down to the 15 - 20" nozzle spacing.

Spray droplet size is key to effective coverage. With typical spraying systems, increasing spray speeds greatly changes the droplet output. Not any more! ExactApply maintains a consistent droplet size and rate as speeds change.

With higher Pulse Width Modulation than other models, ExactApply expands the operating range of each nozzle at all speed ranges. View the pulse-width modulation of 15Hz and 30Hz.

No need to slow down or change nozzles to get the right rate. ExactApply has a 6 - 25% increase in flow through the nozzle outlet compared to the competitive models. This helps you control costs and spray faster.

The Nozzle Switching feature allows you to switch between two pre-positioned nozzles on the go as conditions change. With a simple touch of the screen from the cab seat you can switch to a smaller or larger droplet size.

In addition to the above features, ExactApply also offers:

  • LED lighting
  • Ability to apply liquid nitrogen at wider range of speeds
  • Air induction nozzle compatibility
  • Programmable rates by nozzle
  • Key fob for nozzle diagnostics
  • Solenoid fault detection

ExactApply is perfect for the operator looking for exceptional precision and productivity. It puts you in control, and ultimately will allow you to reduce costs and improve spray quality and precision.

Available as an option on all new 2018 John Deere Sprayers. A retrofit solution is available for R4030, R4038 and R4045 Sprayers with stainless steel plumbing and 15 or 20" nozzle spacing.

Want to learn more? Visit your local Martin Deerline or contact your local Martin Deerline Ag Sales Rep to see our demo unit in action.

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