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Friday, July 20, 2018

Tips To Avoid Stale Fuel In Your Lawn Mower

Did you know; that gas sitting in your lawn mower tank or a jerry can for more than 30 days begins to degrade?

Ethanol and water in the gasoline can form acids that will corrode your carburetor and prevent your mower from running. Below are some helpful tips to avoid stale fuel and ultimately larger repair issues for your mower.

  • Buy only the amount of gas that you need or are going to use in the near future. Even fuel sitting in a container will go stale due to exposure to oxygen.
  • Fill your tank to the top after you mow, before you put your machine away. Prior to storing for winter you will want to drain the fuel out.
  • Consider using premium fuel. Any gasoline containing more than 10% ethanol can create engine problems caused by the degrading and/or corrosion of seals, gaskets and metal parts.
  • Use fuel stabilizer all season long to extend the shelf life of gas. Add stabilizer right away when you get your gas so it can start working immediately and help keep your carburetor clean.
  • For handheld products that require a mixed fuel, we recommend using the pre-mixed fuels. These are an excellent option if your not using the equipment very often as pre-mixed fuel such as Stihl's MotoMix has a two year shelf life once opened.

Ultimately, good fuel helps keep engines healthy and running smooth, which results in less money spent in the service department!

For more information on servicing your lawn mower and keeping it running at its optimum performance visit your local Martin Deerline service team.

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