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Friday, August 24, 2018

John Deere ActiveYield = Active Calibration

Eliminate manual yield calibrations by adding an ActiveYield Kit to your John Deere S Series combine.

So how does ActiveYield work?

ActiveYield provides continuous calibration of the mass flow sensor through load cells installed in the grain tank.

The load cells estimate the change in weight of grain, as the grain tank fills. The ActiveYield Monitor controller software in the moisture sensor compares the grain tank load cell data to the Clean Grain Elevator mass flow sensor data and will adjust the Mass Flow Flow sensor calibration curve to minimize error.

This allows for automatic calibrations while you're running; improving real-time time decision making as ActiveYield enhances the accuracy of the combine's yield data.

And best of all you didn't have any downtime while you were manually calibrating!

ActiveYield Kits are available for Model Year 12 - 18 Combines. Talk to your local Martin Deerline Parts Department to get a quote today.

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