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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Zero Turn Mower versus Lawn Tractor � Which is Right for You?

Shopping for a new lawn mower offers a wide variety of choice and many wonder what the differences are and which is better when comparing a zero-turn mower to a riding lawn tractor.

Both are dependable machines that will get the job done, but read on to determine which style of mower will be best for you and your yard.

Turn Radius
The concept of the zero-turn mower is zero turning radius, allowing it to turn on a dime without missing a blade of grass. The tight turn radius offered by zero-turn mowers makes it an ideal choice for properties with lots of trees, flower beds and corners.

Available in both 2-wheel and 4-wheel steer options, lawn tractors have a wider turn radius. Often when you reach the end of a swath of grass and turn to continue mowing you will leave a patch of uncut grass, meaning you may have to back up and drive over that patch again.

The maneuverability of a zero-turn mower means it turns fast, sharply and easily making it faster than your traditional lawn tractor. John Deere's residential zero-turn mowers are capable of going up to 16 km/h.

Lawn tractors are your slow and steady mower. They make good time on large lawns with not much landscaping, but do take more time turning and backing up when you reach the ends of your rows. John Deere lawn tractors are typically designed to go around 6 - 11 km/h.

The landscape of your yard plays a huge factor in which mower will better suit you, as each is designed to perform its best in certain conditions.

Zero-Turn mowers are ideal for properties with irregular shaped yards and lots of landscaping to mow around including trees, flower beds and water features. You can get nice and close to the edge when using a zero-turn, reducing the amount of time needed to trim afterwards. However, they are not ideal for hilly properties. Maintaining control can be difficult on steep slopes, therefore, zero-turn mowers work best on flat land.

Lawn tractors are best suited for more open land that doesn't have many obstacles. They will work well on slopes and are a good choice for those that have ditches or hills on their property.

John Deere zero-turns have two handles to control that steer the mower. Speed adjustments, turning, and braking are done by moving the handles together or independently of each other. They are easy to operate but can take a bit of time to master. The design of the zero-turn gives the operator a better view of the ground ahead making it easier to see twigs or obstacles that lie ahead.

Lawn tractors have a steering wheel making them comfortingly familiar to operate. John Deere's lawn tractors have a twin pedal design to move forward and back and a separate brake pedal. Visibility is reduced compared to the zero-turn mower as the hood blocks your view out front.

Zero-Turn mowers are designed to mow and mow well, but are not meant for much more than that!

Lawn tractors are true workhorses as you have the capability to pair it with attachments. Add a utility cart, sprayer, snow blower or blade, even a tiller to some of the larger lawn tractors with rear PTOs to take on all your gardening tasks and yard work.

Both zero-turn mowers and lawn tractors can take on your lawn care projects but because of all the factors to consider one does not end up better than the other. Each homeowner has their own unique needs and landscape to contend with and both zero-turn mowers and lawn tractors bring specialized benefits. So deciding between these two styles of mowers comes down to what will work for you and your property.

Contact your local Martin Deerline to sit on the seat of both and compare the extensive line-up of both John Deere Zero-Turn Mowers and Lawn Tractors.

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