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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Add More Frontier 4 in 1 Bucket

The Frontier 4-in-1 bucket may just be the most versatile loader attachment one can get to add to their tractor.

This multi-purpose tool has a hydraulically controlled clam bucket with both a cutting edge and serrated edge essentially making it 4 tools in 1.

A materials bucket, that can be used to scoop and move loose material such as gravel, mulch or dirt.

A clamp for lifting logs, stumps that have already been excavated or other large objects around the yard.

A dozing tool for backfilling and clean-up.

And a box blade for grading and leveling.

But it really is more versatile than that and can be used as a push blade, grapple and bottom dump bucket. With such usefulness it is quickly becoming an acreage owner's tool of choice.

You really need to see it in action to appreciate just how much this one attachment can do! Watch here as they use it to maintain a gravel driveway.

To learn more about the Frontier 4-in-1 bucket or any of Frontier's 600 plus attachments and implements visit your local Martin Deerline.

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