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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The New C650 Air Cart

Looking for an air seeder that fills fast, easily calibrates, and delivers product at a consistent rate?

Then the new C650 air cart is the one for you!

It's the little sister to the C850 and includes many of it's proven features in a smaller package.

Let's take a closer look at some of the features included in the C650.

Fills Fast
All four tanks can be filled in just over 20 minutes. A hydraulic conveyor system with wireless remote allows you to easily reach all four tanks from one location. And with a low profile hopper you can get under trucks or trailers to speed up the filling process.

Tank Design
650 bushel capacity broken down into four tanks with the following capacities. 50 bu - 260 bu - 130 bu - 210 bu

Easily Calibrate
The C650 comes with a screen right on the side of the cart, so you can easily calibrate the tank without having to go back to the cab to input data.

Actively calibrate while seeding with ActiveCal automatic calibration. Product weight and changing climate conditions can affect the volumetric metering system. Frequent calibrations while on the move will provide more consistent and accurate delivery of the seed and fertilizer.

Give plants a better opportunity to thrive and reach their highest yield potential by ensuring even placement. The two high capacity fans on the C650 ensures even distribution of seed and fertilizer to every opener. AirPower2 can deliver up to 550lbs of product/acre at 9km/h (5.5 mph)

Other Features
SectionCommand to reduce skips and overlaps minimizing product waste. Premium lighting package for seeding and filling in the dark. Ultrasonic bin level sensors to track product levels in each tank. Integrated wiring harness which allows for hook-up of five cameras. One per tank and one at the rear of the cart.

The C650 offers precision and convenience so you can seed smart and fill fast! Available in both tow-behind or tow-between configurations it may just be the next tool to add to your fleet.

Contact your local Martin Deerline Agriculture Sales Rep to learn more or to request a product demo.

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