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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Power of Data What is JDLink?

While planning for your 2020 growing year did you ever think...

How much Round-up did we spray in 2019? How much fuel did the combine use last year?

Answers to questions like these are at your fingertips when you unlock the power of JDLinkTM.

So what is it?
JDLink is a telematics system that opens an information pipeline between you and your equipment. This connectivity allows you to make sound and timely decisions for your farm - wherever, whenever! JDLink can help you understand your operation on a whole new level.

How does it work?
This technology works through a modular telematics gateway (MTG) that is installed in the equipment. The MTG connects the machine to the office via a cellular network and transmits information collected from various sensors across the machine and implement. The information is sent to your MyJohnDeere account to access from either your computer or phone.

How can it help you?
JDLink can provide some additional machine data and diagnostic capabilities including:

  • Service Advisor Remote - allows Martin Deerline to run remote diagnostics as well as over the air updates to enable quicker problem resolutions in-turn maximizing machine uptime.
  • Remote Display Access - allows you or Martin Deerline to connect to your in-cab displays and assist the operator through any issues they are having.
  • Maintenance Manager - is a tool to remotely monitor your machine maintenance with alerts sent from your equipment. Let the equipment tell you when a scheduled maintenance is needed.
  • Machine Statistics - view performance and utilization stats, fuel consumption, idle time and more.

How do you access the data?
Your MyJohnDeere account gives you access to both Operations Center and the JDLink Dashboard. These tools allow you to access the machine and agronomic data collected and transferred via the MTG.

Operations Center or the MyOperations app allows you to access base machine data and understand your day-to-day operations on a whole new level. You can quickly access information such as location, engine hours, productivity, fuel, and DEF levels.

JDLink Dashboard allows you to dig into the data deeper and get some valuable insights into your operations that you might not have thought of before. A profound understanding of your operation is available at the touch of a finger.

JDLink is a technology found on most pieces of John Deere equipment, but the following are some examples of data you can pull from a combine.

Knowledge is power and JDLink allows you to start to understand the depth of your operation ultimately helping you dig into the cost of production and the overall success of your business. In part 2 of our JDLink blog we will discuss the Machine Analyzer tool which allows you to dive deeper into your machines data and statistics.

JDLink is just one piece of John Deere's vision into the future of farming and how understanding your machinery can make your operation more successful. To learn more talk to your local Agriculture Sales Rep or contact the Martin Deerline Precision Ag team.

Now is a great time to connect your equipment with JDLink. Buy a new 4G MTG and receive 3 years of the JD Connect subscription for free. That's over an $1100 dollar value. Learn more here.

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