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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Power of Data Analyzing Data from JDLink

JDLink can help you understand your operation on a whole new level.

If you are not yet familiar with JDLink, read our What Is JDLink? blog post now and then come back to learn more.

Knowledge is power, and putting your data to use is the best way for you to get an understanding of the depth of your operation, ultimately helping you dig into your cost of production and the overall success of your business.

The Machine Analyzer is a tool in Operations Center that allows you to visualize and create custom reports on over 50 different statistics collected from machine data provided by the power of JDLink technology. The following are some examples of metrics you can review.

Fuel Consumption
Not only can you pull reports to understand how much fuel your equipment used, but you can break it down by how much fuel you used while the machine was in either working, idling or transport mode. This allows you to dive into the costs of operating with amazing detail if you desire.

Machine Utilization
Below is an example of Machine Utilization, that shows how you can visualize and understand the utilization of a sprayer throughout the year. How can we make this machine the most efficient it can be?

In this example we can see that throughout the year the sprayer spent 36% of its time working, 22% of its time transporting and 42% of its time idling. By just looking at this one metric we can gain insight into how much time the unit spends not applying product.

The statistics indicate that this machine most likely spends a lot of time filling, so how much more time could be spent spraying if the owner made an investment into getting the machine filled faster. A small investment in time or money could drastically change the utilization percentages of the machine throughout the season. More time spraying means getting more production out of a piece of equipment on your farm.

These are just two examples of data sets you can analyze after you engage the power of the JDLink technology, which is already on most pieces of John Deere equipment. So talk to the Martin Deerline Precision Ag Team and start utilizing the power of the data today!

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