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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Power To The Harvest of X A Closer Look at The X9 Combine

The new X9 Combine will allow you to get as much done in a day as you need to! It's re-defining what is possible in harvesting capacity and efficiency as the X9 has been built to handle increasing yields.

John Deere has made massive gains on the inside of this unit with a:

  • 23% wider feederhouse,
  • 2 - 24 inch twin rotors,
  • 45% more threshing area,
  • 80% more separating area,
  • 36% more cleaning area,
  • a 75 square foot cleaning shoe and
  • 460 bushel grain tank,

Resulting in harvesting up to 30 acres per hour

And that's not all - step inside the cab with increased visibility and loaded with amenities it's the most comfortable cab. You will be able to run long hours with options of foot pegs, a refrigerator, touchscreen radio and a massaging heated/vented leather seat for the ultimate comfort acre after acre.

With the option for wheels or tracks, and headers up to 50 foot wide the X9 combine is ready to tackle your biggest fields and toughest crops in less time.

Impressive - is the best way we can describe this unit, and that may not even do it justice! We are excited to get the X9 out in the field and put it to the test this harvest season.

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