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Thursday, September 10, 2020

New Hinged Draper Platforms

Designed to capture more crop the new hinged draper platforms from John Deere float over the field leaving a consistent stubble height.

The middle hinge divides the standard one reel platform into two reels which allows the draper to follow the lay of the land more accurately.

You'll see improved terrain following, especially when working on side hills in rolling terrain. The header also hinges independently from the feederhouse allowing for a consistent cutting height and ground following. The hinged draper platform has a more consistent distance between the reel fingers and cutterbar, feeding the bushy crops smoothly and evenly into the center feed section. The active feederhouse position control automatically adjusts the feederhouse height to position itself in the middle of the attachment frame, enabling more float range.

The hinged draper platfomrs will constantly adjust to the ground and combined with the grain saver draper belts you're guaranteed to feed more crop through the combine.

Available in 35 - 50 feet width options they are wider and more productive! Learn more about the new hinged draper platforms from your local Martin Deerline Ag Sales rep.

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