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Monday, April 19, 2021

5 Tips When Shopping for a Lawn Mower

As the green grass starts to emerge you may be looking to purchase your first mower, or upgrade an old one. With so many options on the market these days it can be difficult to determine what is best for you, because not all yards are the same, and neither are all mowers!

If you are in the market for a new residential lawn mower read our 5 tips of things to consider to help you choose the right mower to suit your needs.

Yard Size & Landscape
Hills, slopes, landscape features, and yard size are all important factors to consider then deciding if you want to go with a lawn tractor or zero turn mower.

Two wheel steer lawn tractors are ideal for open yards where there are not too many tight corners to navigate as they require a wider turn area, they work well on slopes and are easy to steer and operate

Four wheel steer lawn tractors allow for a tighter turn radius to work well around trees and shrubs, and provide great stability on hills and slopes.

Zero Turn mowers turn on a dime without missing a blade of grass, which means they can cover a lot of ground in little time. The tight turn radius makes it an ideal choice for properties with lots of trees and flower beds as they hug corners and curves. Zero-turns are best suited for flatter yards and provide added speed so are great for all yard sizes.

Deck Size
Typically, one would think the larger the lawn, the wider the cutting deck size needed, but that is not always the case. True the wider the deck the fewer passes to make but you also need to consider the obstacles in your yard that will have to be mowed around. It is a good idea to measure between trees or landscape features to determine how much space you have to easily get between and mow around them. John Deere lawn mowers come in a variety of deck sizes including 42�, 48�, 54�, 60� and 72�, so we can match the right deck size to your landscape!

Grass Clippings
We often get asked about mulching versus bagging or just letting the grass blow out the side discharge chute. And there are benefits to all three!

Side discharging is the easiest way to go if you do not mind the look of grass clippings on your lawn.

Mulching allows you to keep the nutrients from the grass clippings on your lawn, but chops them up to shorter lengths. Mulch kits are available for most John Deere lawn mowers, and there are many models available with Mulch Control which allows you to switch between mulching and side discharge easily and conveniently.

Lastly, bagging gives you the most manicured lawn by collecting all the clippings as you go, it is also great for weed control and cleaning up leaves in the fall. Material collection systems can be added onto both John Deere lawn tractors and zero turn mowers.

What additional capabilities do you want your mower to have?

Are you looking to add attachments to your mower? Lawn tractors are true workhorses as you have the capability to pair with attachments. Add a utility cart, sprayer, snow blower or blade for year-round use, or even a tiller to some of the larger lawn tractors with rear PTOs.

Zero-Turn mowers are designed to mow and mow well, but are not meant for much more than that!

New or Used
New does not have to be brand new, rather �New to You�! Martin Deerline typically has a selection of quality used mowers amongst our dealership locations. Some older models are still in premium shape if maintained and serviced throughout their life. There are economical options in both our new and pre-owned line-ups!

Martin Deerline has a team of educated Turf Sales Reps that can help answer your questions and pair you up with the mower that is right for you. Call, text or visit your local Martin Deerline to speak with a member of our team or view the line-up of John Deere residential mowers on our website now.

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