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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Grass trimmer, brushcutter or clearing saw which is right for you?

The most important first step in tackling any task around your home or garden is determining the right tools for the job. STIHL has a variety of trimmers and brushcutters that are available with a wide range of options including different handle variations, interchangeable cutting heads, as well as gas, electric or battery options.

There are a few things to consider when deciding between a grass trimmer, brushcutter or clearing saw. The first thing to consider is if the location is accessible and is safe to work in. If you don't feel safe working in the area or it is inaccessible - we recommend that you leave this task to a professional. If your area is accessible and you'll feel comfortable tackling the tasks, you will want to look at the obstacles in your yard as well as the density of the vegetation that you are looking to clear.

For light landscaping around obstacles such as fences, water features or trees - you'll want to use a mowing line head. The STIHL AutoCut® head is the most popular line head in the STIHL range for grass trimmers and brushcutters thanks to its easy-to-use features. Using a mowing line head allows for more control - allowing you to perfect your edges and give a neat finish. If you find your line is breaking easily when mowing close to obstacles, try soaking it in water overnight. This will give the line more flexibility.

If you find you are using more mowing line than necessary, it may be worth looking at a STIHL PolyCutTM head which features 3 thermoplastic blades or the STIHL DuroCut head for your which runs serrated lines that are up to 4mm thick. These are heavier duty and are ideal for cutting through taller, denser vegetation.

If you are looking to tackle thick bushes or woody vegetation, it is probably worth considering a more substantial cutting tool like a brush knife, shredder blade or clearing saw. A clearing saw will allow you to cut nice and close to the base of the branches on the bushes and trees to thin out the area effectively.

In short - grass trimmers are ideal tools for homeowners cleaning up grass around the fence or under bushes. If they are fitted with the correct cutting head - they are also suitable for heavier jobs around the yard. Brushcutters will easily clear large grassy areas, tough scrub and bushes and are available in several variations. Clearing saws are invaluable tools when mowing tough grass or scrub or clearing vegetation on difficult terrain.

Browse the entire line-up or contact your local Martin Deerline to find the product that's right for you.

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