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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

New M and R Model Windrowers

John Deere has introduced 4 new models to its W200 series windrower line-up to help boost hay quality in addition to harvest speed and efficiency.

The updated line-up now includes M & R models and a lower 200 horsepower option.

The W200M and W235M provide a comfortable, quiet working environment with plenty of visibility. The standard COMMANDARM console gives the operator unmatched control of the windrower and platform with its ergonomic design and fingertip controls for multiple functions.

The premium W235R and W260R models come with an all-new cab and are loaded with integrated technology. Enabled with JDLinkTM, a connected machine helps ensure peak operation performance. And with a 10% wider windrow than previous models you can increase efficiency, and still get quick dry-down for hay and forage quality.

The new optional TouchSetTM gives you the ability to make header adjustments on the move from the cab for precise control of crop conditioning and windrow formation. It allows you to easily change settings to optimize the machine for varying field and crop conditions. You can also create a library of custom presets for different crops to make it easy for any operator.

Compatible with both rotary and draper headers the updated line-up offers a windrower that can be perfectly matched for any small grain, hay or forage operation.

The 2022 models are available to order this Fall, talk to you local Martin Deerline Ag Sales Rep to learn more.

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