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Friday, November 5, 2021

Staff Spotlight Gord, High Prairie Branch Manager

Gord has been a familiar face at the dealership in High Prairie for the last 14 years. Now in his final month before retirement we sat down with him to chat about his time at Martin Deerline and plans for retirement.

After spending 10 years in auto sales at Charrois Motors, the High Prairie GM dealership, Gord was looking for a career change, and lucky for him he didn't have to look to far. Denis Peyre had an opening for a Parts Manager at the John Deere dealership and Gord was the perfect guy for the job!

He started in July of 2008 and quickly created a parts team and increased aftermarket sales. And while he loved being behind the counter and helping customers every day, in 2016 he was up for a new challenge and accepted a promotion to become the Branch Manager. This role has still allowed him to work closely with the customers but also lead the staff to excel in their positions; it's what he likes most about his days at Martin Deerline. When asked his favorite part of the job, Gord replied - �the customers and staff! Going home at the end of the day feeling accomplished that you were able to help out clients and help the staff learn.�

Gord has many fond memories from staff functions and the day-to-day activities at the store. He has a great sense of humor and loves to make people laugh always entertaining the crowd, he will miss the team at the store in High Prairie. But is also greatly looking forward to retirement

Gord and his wife Denise love to travel, and that is what they plan to do, spend the winters travelling and the summers on the boat at the lake. You will also often find him on a golf course or spending time with his two fur babies Patches and Raz!

On behalf of everyone at Martin Deerline we would like to thank Gord for his years of service and congratulate him on his retirement! Stop by the dealership before November 30th to wish him well!

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