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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The Versatile Steiner Tractor

Did you know Martin Deerline is your Alberta dealer for Steiner Articulated Tractors? Now you may be asking what is a Steiner tractor? It is the original, articulating oscillating, go-anywhere, do-anything, get-it-done machine!

The Steiner 450 is an excellent all season articulated tractor with maximum stability, four-wheel drive, and low center of gravity. With the ability to be used for all different terrains and seasons the 450 is a very versatile machine. This all-season unit is compatible with over 16 different attachments ranging from snowblowers to rough-cut-mowers to help simplify any season’s work.

Let’s take a closer look at the attachments available for the Steiner tractor.


Steiner offers three different types of mower decks that will make work efficient and easily attach to your tractor unit.

Flex Deck Finishing Mower – to tackle slopes up to 30 degrees with four independent 21-inch decks. It will deliver a high quality professional cut on uneven and sloped terrains.

Rough Cut Mower – can mow down tall grass and saplings overpowering the roughest, toughest brush (up to 1.5 inches).

Side-Discharge Rotary Mower – features a full floating deck with three blades it cuts with maximum precision and consistent clipping distribution.

Stump Cutter

Take out that tricky stump with Steiner’s Stump Cutter attachment, equipped with a 16-inch diameter, carbide-teeth cutting wheel it is adjustable both laterally and vertically to chop through stubborn stumps and rigid roots.

Core Aerator

Reduce compaction and improve the overall health of your lawn with the 42 inch core aerator. The independent ¾-inch core tines allow you to follow contours and pull quality precise cores up to 3.5 inches deep.

Lawn Sweeper

Featuring an enclosed 24-cubic-foot chamber the tow-behind Lawn Sweeper will scoop up wet and dry leaves, lawn clippings and debris, then tightly packs them to maximize capacity.

Power Blower

The Steiner Turbine Power Blower is quiet but powerful and will easily blow away leaves and debris, with wind speeds up to 114 mph from a hydraulically controlled, 360-degree rotating nozzle.

Slip Scoop

Lift, haul, dump – the Slip Scoop effortlessly tackles small excavation, landscaping and turf projects. Add a scarifier wear edge to break through tough gravel or scrape ice in the winter.

Rotary Sweeper

Perfect for all season applications, the Rotary Sweeper delivers on-demand power and control, brushing away leaves, debris, and light snow on pathways, parking lots and drives in one clean sweep.

Power Angle Blade

This do-it-all blade is also an all season workhorse, charging through dirt, gravel and snow with a ruggedly built, hydraulic blade and a reversible cutting edge for long-lasting performance.

Adjustable V-Blade

With an electro-hydraulic, independent blade-wing the Adjustable V-Blade easily converts from a v-blade for splitting paths through heavy snow to an inverted scoop or straight blade for moving large amounts of material.

Snow Blower

The Professional Snow Blower powers through winter’s heaviest and deepest snowfalls, with a wide 48-inch cutting path, a serrated auger and four-blade blower.

Steiner tractors and attachments are built to get the job done, with a reputation for uncompromising versatility which you can see in the line-up attachments. You will be able to tackle the tough jobs – all year long. Whether you’re maintaining a farm, commercial or residential property, golf courses or sports turf, you can rely on Steiner.

Stop by our West Edmonton and Calgary Martin Deerline locations to see the tractor and attachments or give your local Martin Deerline a call to learn more or schedule a demo.

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