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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Can you soil sample your fields in the Spring?

Although you may be under a time crunch to get in the field come Spring, if the weather and field conditions allow, Spring is a great time to consider soil sampling.

Soil sampling can verify what nutrients are available in the soil from the previous year and help you make fertility decisions for the next growing season. Sampling the soil prior to seeding tells you exactly what nutrients are available in the dirt right before you seed. The Winter gives the fields a chance to recover, as nutrients, crop residue breakdown, and moisture have had time to re-enter the soil. Spring testing will more accurately show the nutrients available for the next crop, allowing you to make the best fertility decisions for germination, growth and to optimize your yields.

Whether you choose to sample your fields in Spring or Fall, consistency is key for year over year comparisons with benchmarked samples. Benchmarking your samples reflects changes in soil nutrient levels from year to year. Both times are beneficial for guidance in fertilizer application. Fall gives you time to plan ahead and purchase fertilizer accordingly, Spring gives you a snapshot of the nutrients right before go time to help optimize yields!

No matter what time of year you choose to sample, ensure you collect 10-15 benchmarked samples from throughout the field to truly get the story of the soil in different areas.

Interested in sampling your soil this Spring? Reach out to our Agronomic Technologies Specialist, Chelsea Pearce to learn more about soil sampling or book in for a Spring test.

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