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Friday, August 18, 2023

Elevate Your Harvest with Aftermarket Combine Upgrades

Make the most of your harvest season with these aftermarket combine upgrades.

Cab Accessories
Comfort is key during those long harvest days. Foot pegs, in-cab mobile device mounting, heated floor mats and wireless chargers are a few accessories that will help enhance comfort in the cab.

Kondex® Revolution™ Half-Width Concaves
Manufactured exclusively for your S or STS Series combine, Kondex® Revolution™ Concaves offer you four advantages:

  • Superior threshing capacity
  • Long-term durability
  • Half-width size
  • Easy installation

These concaves give more versatility to match varying crop conditions and the multiple configurations allow you to fine tune your combine for upcoming harvests. Check out the full line-up here.

Combine Advisor
Combine Advisor makes the combine work smarter with technology that maximizes results while harvesting. These features help the operator set, optimize, and automate the combine to maintain performance targets as conditions change throughout the day. Combine Advisor grants access to three applications:

  • Auto Maintain with ActiveVision™ cameras that adjusts all five settings as conditions change.
  • Active Terrain Adjustment™ system for automatic terrain change management.
  • HarvestSmart™ system for automation of feed rate

Grain Saver Belt
Keep grain on the belt and off the ground with a grain saver belt upgrade. Featuring a unique crosshair design, this upgrade traps grain and sends it to the grain tank before rolling past the cutterbar and onto the ground. Compared to traditional smooth draper belts, a Grain Saver Belt retains free grain that may have shelled out as the plant fell onto the draper or because of the reel contacting the crop.

Reel Tine Flip-Over Kit
Reduce wrapping of crop material in wet, tough crops with the reel tine flip-over kit. This kit also increases the visibility to the front of the draper. Check out the video for more information.

Heavy Duty Separator Grate with Interrupters
A solution in tough small grains is the heavy-duty separator grate with interrupter bars. These interrupter bars are excellent at breaking apart matted straw and they help reduce losses in the separator area.

HDR/HDF High Wear Skid Shoes
The NEW HDR/HDF High Wear Skid Shoes double the amount of material in key areas compared to standard for improved wear life. They are recommended for use in highly abrasive and/or rocky conditions.

Contact your local Martin Deerline parts department to learn how to make the most out of your harvest season.

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