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Friday, October 6, 2017

How to Winterize Your Self Propelled John Deere Sprayer

Don't underestimate the importance of winterizing your sprayer this year. A full and thorough cleaning of your sprayer inside and out will bring to the surface potential problems before they arise next Spring and ensure there is no damage caused by below zero temperatures. Read on for a step by step process on how to service and store your self-propelled sprayer for winter.

Winterizing Your Self-Propelled Sprayer

    • Thoroughly clean machine inside and out to prevent premature rust from fertilizer and pesticide products.
    • Clean and flush solution system.
    • Open pipe plug on solution pump to remove any chemicals. Replace plug.

  • Remove, clean and install fill strainer, pressure strainers and flowmeter(s).
  • Winterize the sprayer plumbing using John Deere SprayMaster Winterizer Fluid. Follow the instructions and mix Winterizer Fluid at the correct ratio to protect the solution system down to the lowest expected temperature.
  • Start machine and operate spray system until Winterizer Fluid comes out of the spray nozzles. Be sure to circulate mixture through entire solution system.
  • Remove and clean nozzle tips and screens.
  • Store tips and screens off the machine in a dry place.
  • Rinse and drain tanks.
  • Change the engine oil and other lubricants.
  • Grease all service points.
  • Remove, clean and install air cleaner elements.
  • Drain and flush cooling system.
  • Remove the monitor or control console and store in a warm, dry place.

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