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Precision Ag



John Deere is the industry leader in providing farmers the Precision Agriculture tools they need to monitor, manage, and maximize their farm operations. Connecting your machines, people and technology is the first step to start collecting valuable agronomic data out of every production step - every season.

Precision Ag Basics

Precision ag is helping farmers get more out of less, from precise seed placement to valuable input savings. Learn how our precision ag can advance your operations.

JDLink TM Connectivity

With JDLink, you can easily monitor machine performance, view location history, receive alerts, download software updates, view your display remotely and send setup, prescription and documentations files wirelessly.

Operations Center

John Deere Operations Center is an online farm management system that gives you access to your farm information anytime, anywhere through web, tablet, or phone. Operations Center enables you to manage your operation more efficiently, do a better job on every pass, reduce costs, and improve profitability.

Weather Stations

Weather is the most important element that affects plant growth and farm production. Monitor weather in real time and make in season decisions to maximize yield potential and increase profits.

Value Added Services

Technology and connectivity are advancing at an amazing pace, it's important to build a strong digital foundation to continue to grow upon as technologies evolve. Let our Integrated Solutions team help you set your foundation for success.

Technology at Work

Martin Deerline customers have been adopting technology for years, our clients share how they are putting precision ag technologies to work on their farming operations.